Better sleep during darker months


Its November, the clock has gone back and darkness is here. Winter is showing its frigid dark face and all I want to do is sleep…and eat (but that’ll be for another post). However, Im not the only one always thinking of their next nap.  Our body’s sleep-wake cycle is regulated by our melatonin hormone which is affected by light.  So this time of year means:

no sun= sleep cycle out of whack = wishing it was socially acceptable to hibernate all season

Problem is we still have to be productive and pretend that we want to go out and do things. So a good night’s sleep might be the only thing that might save us. Here are a few tips thanks to SignatureMDde21887837c5dd381a83376803a2d187

And if you have some extra time to read, here’s 37 tips for better sleep

Sweet dreams!


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