Sunday Funday



1. Sleeping in until I can’t resist the coffee craving anymore

2. Brunch
Some of my favorite spots in Montreal:
1. B&M
2. Cafe Beaufort
3. Regine Cafe
4. Crescendo
5. Hof Kelsten

3. Staying in and watching endless episodes of your favorite TV show
My obsession lately has been #onceuponatime

4. Run, hike, yoga, clean, anything to get my flow going after those weekend indulgences

5. Baking healthy low fat goodies. Indulging on low fat sweets on a Sunday just feels good and comforting. My latest delicious discovery

6. Shopping for new clothes and hunting for deals. It’s Sunday, I take my time while going around the shops.

7. Spending time with family and friends. Eating with them of course. Its Good for the soul. #family #food

8. Taking a bath or long shower and pampering myself. #loveyourself Today I used awesome products from Evyjo & co savonnerie I love the purify green clay mask

9. Going to Marché Jean Talon to stock up for the week. Prepping for my weekly meals. #montrealmarket

10. Bowling at the Rose bowl 6510 St. Jacques O., Montréal, QC H4B 1T6


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