Change your life. – steve


The never ending quest to finding my happy body is reaching a turning point…

It’s been a total of three consecutive years of making different life choices, introducing workouts even if inconsistently, changing food patterns yet still not finding the one that really works for me and simply going through the diet and workout motions. But for the past three months, I really buckled down more than ever, averaging 1500 calories/day with a simili, caloric ratio of 40 carb-30 protein-30 fat, combined with 3 low/high impact workouts plus 1 yoga class/week. Within three full months of real deal “working out hard and healthy eating” I managed to lose 4 lbs and lost some visible inches (but I have not measured yet so sometimes I think its just the slimming mirror lying to me). In any case, the best part of this journey so far has been gaining so much insight, focus, motivation and determination but the worst part has been comparing seemingly big efforts to my rather slow progress. So I went against my “miss-know-it-all, I google everything” wishes and decided to seek help.

imagesI’ve found that, when you set yourself a life goal, on an unknown path, signs and help have a real way of showing up at the right time and it’s up to you to take notice. So I took notice, the morning after I decided to seek guidance, while getting my daily, deliciously frothed, cappuccino, I ran into my guide. An ex Olympic-trained runner and now certified manual and natural health therapist. An old friend of my brothers and a man with perfect timing. Obviously, I immediately asked why I was experiencing painful shin splints after short runs or high impact workouts. Without any hesitation, he suggested I was over-training and I made an appointment to discuss my never ending failure at losing weight, right away.

During my first two sessions, he assessed me generally, made me fill out a health questionnaire and diagnosed my food intolerances. Turned out he was right, I was over-training and he told me to slow down. Clearly, him telling the most historically, inactive person I know (myself) to slow down must mean he knows nothing of what he says. I’ve been slow my whole life, in my head it was time I speed up. Well I realized he might have had a point. He went on explaining to me that, as most of the general population, I live a generally sedentary life and am far from being an athlete although I try to stay fit and workout. So high impact, intense trainings, even if just a few times a week, can wreak havoc on the muscles, joints and general wellbeing of a person. My new guide gave me examples of what being fit yet unhealthy meant. He told me “Runners who finish marathons in under three hours only to end up dying of a heart attack shortly after are fit but not healthy.” This made alot of sense to me and I realized that working out until I was purple in the face was not the point. My ultimate goal is to be fit and healthy in my mind and body on a constant and balanced basis.

Thanks to his questionnaire and talks, I pinpointed major issues apart from difficulty losing weight, such as waking up tired, mood swings, lack of concentration, extreme hunger and cravings, irregular menses as well as other physical issues which are directly linked to my nutrition and mental wellbeing. So to clean out this lifetime of accumulated unhealthiness, my guide has put me on a one month detox plan via a slew of gentle natural products while slowly transitioning to a 6 month dairy and gluten free diet with a macronutrient ratio of 45% protein – 35% complex carbs – 20% healthy fats. All these positive changes are to bring me optimal health and ultimately balance my “body” for lack of a better term . He also suggested to follow heart rate monitored trainings by walking, biking, light weight training and yoga.

20130529-234947.jpgI’m really pumped and ready to change my life….again. I’m taking time go through the mental therapy of it all, educating myself on the changes and figuring out a way to make this work for me on a daily routine. Also doing everything I should, not to feel like I’m being deprived of anything that I call “living”. So here I am, embarking on yet another journey and hoping it sticks. I’l be sharing recipes, workouts, inspiration and anything that might be helpful since I know I still haven’t figured this all out either. But at least I can say this with confidence: I am taking this challenge yet another step further as opposed to backwards and this is what I’m happy about today.


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