Inspiration by the pound

I believe you are all familiar with the saying, ‘So hungry I could eat a horse’, well lately, I feel like I’ve eaten the entire herd. For the last month and a half, I’ve managed to disgracefully gain back the measly 5lbs I suffered so much to lose. My overwhelming need to indulge in nightly servings of double scoop ice cream cones, Doritos by the 25% more bag and bottomless cups of ice-cold coca cola have begun to take over my life. As of today, I’m taking responsibility for my actions. No more excuses! No more finding reasons why shoveling large McDonald’s crispy fries down with a milkshake will solve my daily stress. The stretch marks are stretching, the jeans are tightening and enough is enough. The gloves are off and I’m ready to beat down the enemy.

Step one to my 31st attempt to eating healthy, go to the market. The trip was a success, I managed to buy local, fresh and colourful aka antioxidant rich ingredients without breaking the bank. I went in with a full stomach therefore avoiding the impulsive, starvation buying. I kept it simple and tried to remember recipes as I went along. Here’s a group shot of my colourful new friends.

Is there anything more exciting and delicious then this beautiful mix of seasonal vegetables. Ok fine, maybe a double cheese and bacon burger can make your mouth water but I’ve found a motivating factor to these random thoughts of immediate gratification. Paying attention to the texture and color of my food. Greasy and gray equals breakouts and rolls. Tight and bright equals glowy and thin. This might just work! I’ll keep trying it and tell you how that works out.

Ok, step two, for a healthy body, exercise. I’m back to my bi-weekly classes of hatha yoga at Equilibrium on Saint-Laurent which I’ve come to truly love and I promise to never miss another class unless my limbs fall off. Tomorrow, I’m going back to this mega fat burning, crazy Brazilian Samba class from Studio Danse on Saint-Urbain. I’m totally psyched, I just hope I don’t pass out. In any case, Zumba was my first introduction to dancing and I haven’t gone back to a treadmill since. It’s fun, challenging and I feel the burn. Watch out  SYTYCD, you can call me twinkle toes!

I think I covered the basics for now and trying too hard will only make me lose the battle. So I’ll stick to my basic plan, get back on the WW wagon, dance while balancing my zen and in no time at all, I’ll be getting into those skinny jeans that never fit.

Day 1
Breakfast 3pts
maple sugar instant oatmeal ( I make it with coffee for an extra flavour boost and morning blast off)

Lunch 7pts
Leftover grilled sirloin steak on a bed of mixed greens including fresh long radishes, frisee salad, radicchio, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes. Flavored with a delicious low-cal maple syrup, dijon mustard, olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing. Soaked up the dressing with a small piece of french baguette bread. Carbs are essential to my diet.

Dinner 11pts

I bought some fresh pink sushi grade tuna steaks at Shamrock and I opted for a simple, low-fat recipe from WW. Tuna steak topped with a fresh tomato salsa with a side of tasty Orzo and Spinach Salad.

As a snack, I had a serious craving for chocolate, so I opted for a healthy serving of blueberries and a deliciously sweet plum. Fine, I’ll admit I succombed to a small mint chocolate square but like I said, baby steps.

That’s it for tonight folks. Id love to share the recipes and some more info but getting back to this blog  thing is proving a little challenging, so I wont overdo it. Until next time. Keep reading and eating!


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