Monday, June 21 2010. It’s been a long hard while since I’ve updated you on my journey. The “lose 30 pounds in 100 days while becoming 50% organic, cutting down on meat, exercising more and improving my carbon footprint” journey has ended. Time has elapsed and these are the results. I’ve lost a grand total of 15 lbs in 100 days, half the goal completed. Become at least 50% organic: I’d say more like 30%. Cut down on meat: CHECK. Not counting the week in Mexico where I scarfed down all the meat and tortillas I saw and had ignored during the “journey”. Exercising more, epic fail. Improving carbon footprint: so much thinking required, I need to find a new way to make better earth choices. All in all, I give myself a C for average effort. I’ve found the positive side to this average outcome and it’s that I’ve been told by many “oh you lost weight” which has been a great confidence booster. Thank everyone for that! However, I’ve run into a bit of a “plateau” as they say in the diet world. I can’t seem to move past the 15lbs and keep gaining a pound and then loosing 2 and now after this horrible weekend of fatty munchies, I’ve gained TWO! So I’m starting a new mission as of today and will keep writing to you about it since it helped the last time I wrote about it. The good part is that I haven’t gained any weight back but I’m not loosing any either. This stagnant behaviour means I urgently need to start sticking to the plan again and exercising. I’m restricting myself to  20 lbs in 90 days. If I managed to lose 15 pounds in 100 days without any exercise and lots of cheating, I’m feeling, it’s maybe possible to carry out my goal. Ok, enough talking…it starts NOW.

Day 1: Breakfast started off with one poached egg and a slice of pumpernickel bread. 3 pts good start but breakfast is getting boring, need to spice things up. However, when I recently switched from eggs in the morning to quesadilla’s, the weight loss slowed down. Maybe it’s true what they say about eggs helping you lose weight.

By 1pm, I was starving. I tried to fend off the hunger but when my mother started eating her salad in my face, I cracked. Lunch was quite light. Spinach salad with a small can of tuna in oil and a quarter of a pita bread. Very uninventive but we haven’t gone grocery shopping yet so points for health although the better tuna choice would have been, tuna packed in water. 5.5 pts

Today, I decided to use a gift certificate to Le Bath Room for a one hour floating bath and a one hour massage. Needless to say, it felt great although I got a little bored in the floating pool and I couldn’t fall asleep. Anyhow, I knew I’d be there until about 8pm so I quickly toasted myself a quesadilla. I eat them more now since I discovered magic tortillas in Mexico. They’re made from nopal (pear cactus), are almost fat free, high in fiber and calcium. It’s almost like the miracle flatbread. Did I mention it’s carb free. The only points I added up where from the 1 oz of mozz cheese and some baby spinach for some green. 2 pts perfect snack with a dash of salsa Valentina, yum!

After my pampering session, I was in no mood to cook and my stomach was growling. My perfect go to option coming from downtown was to stop at Serrano Rotisserie and pick up a chicken and some boiled potatoes. 8 pts for dinner, not bad but disappointed in myself for being too lazy to eat veggies. Tomorrow I’ll have an extra carrot juice and tell you all about it.


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