Day 40

So sorry I stopped writing. Life got in the way however, I’m sticking to my points and have officially lost 8 lbs. I’m a little off target from my main goal, 30 lbs 100 days. But I’m staying positive and happy about just losing weight and feeling better. I have more energy, confidence and the will to keep going. I would really be disappointed in myself if I would stop now and go back to my old ways. To quit now would mean pointless days of restraint, irritability and starvation. The thought of this is a big motivation and represents my new outlook on life about stepping out of my comfort zones, breaking through difficult situations and having a “can do” attitude. All this to say, I’m happy today and my pants are falling off. Things are good.

Today I discovered a new meat. Bison or buffalo to my fellow Flintstonians.  I found out that bison has 70% to 90% less fat than beef and 50% less cholesterol. It is known to be a highly nutrient dense food because of the proportion of protein, fat, mineral, and fatty acids to its caloric value.  Bison has a greater concentration of iron as well as some of the essential fatty acids necessary for human well-being. Readers’ Digest magazine has even listed bison as one of the five foods women should eat because of the high iron content. The most important aspect of this meat is essentially the taste. Tonight, I cooked bison burger infused with gorgonzola and sundried tomatoes. It turned out to be really delicious and juicy. I have a few bites without the hamburger fixings and the meat was very tasty. A little bit sweeter than beef but very similar tasting to beef. The bison burger had a delicious aroma and perfect color. The flavors popped with lots of dijon mustard and arugula. So to answer the question “Does buffalo taste good?” It definitely does. I think the only thing that was setting me off is my sociological programming to only eating chicken, beef and pork however I’m expanding my horizons. Trying new things and I’m definitely going to start with food. 12.5 pts entire burger

I also found a faux fried onion ring recipe of WW website and they were totally crispy and delicious dipped in organic ketchup. Definitely a recipe I will repeat and only took about 15 minutes to make (without cooking time). 4 pts for one serving

Tomorrow I’m making mexican black bean soup. Keep you posted.


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  1. Your bison burger sounds fantastic. My husband and I are on a low calorie diet and got introduced to bison a couple of years ago. We love it – very low calorie and tastes great too!

    We have been cooking Bison Philly Steak Meat allot recently from Blackwing. The great thing about their Philly Steak Meat is that it comes in 8oz precut packages which makes it really easy to count the calories / portion of meat! Although the meat is really thin therefore it cooks really quickly and really just need to sear it for a couple of minutes.

    If you are interested, we list one of our favorite recipes on our site: Bison Stir-fry with Quinoa. It’s only 235 Calories per serving.

    You can also add/change any of the veggies too! Hope you can enjoy and again thanks for the great info.

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