Day 24

Sunny and beautiful Sunday morning, glad I’m awake. I had quite a restless night and broke my night lamp during a parasomnic episode. I think I was dreaming about pushing something and I pushed the night table and shattered the lamp. I’m starting to fear for M and I’s life. If these night spasms don’t stop, I’ll end up electrocuting us in our sleep. I’m wondering if these vivid dreams, sleep talking and rapid movements during my REM sleep are related to late night snacking?

Anyhow, still woke up in a good move. Prepared two poached eggs with a dash of hot sauce  and a slice of whole wheat bread. I also had a bite of leftover arugula and parmesan salad. 5 pts Eggs had a bad reputation in the past because of cholesterol but they have been proven to be quite good for you and can even help weightloss. We went to the market to restock our food supply because wee only had mayo and hot peppers left in the fridge. I was much more careful this time around with the foods we purchased. I managed to find mostly local and organic products. We ended up spending around $200 including meat which is usually what we’d spend at the supermarket. The market was beautiful today and I found some great products at Capitol and Aliments Merci Vrac.

After we got back from the market and I put away all the vegetables and goodies we bought. I lunched on the leftover red bean salad and was ok for the rest of the afternoon. 1 pt We did lots of spring cleaning to make room for our new washer and dryer arriving on Thursday. So excited about finally doing laundry at home. This will be another step in the right direction to get our lives organised.

For dinner, we had leftover bowls of baked butternut squash pasta which was still delectable. I also mixed a huge bowl of frisée, arugula, radicchio asparagus, tomatoes, green onions, cucumbers, edamame beans, a nice piece of fresh Feta goat cheese. The cheat was the chunks of parmesan and ripe goat cheese as well as exactly one and a half oz of hand-made smoked chorizo.  These are my favorite types of dinners. Totally fresh and lots of variety. 19.5 pts

Yesterday, I mentionned I was going to bake bread and I DID! It actually came out tasting delicious The only problem is the bread didn’t rise enough but I guess that comes with practice. I’m just happy the bread tasted good. It’s 11:00 pm and I’m starting to have munchies.  Apples and peanut butter sounds good now.  3 pts


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