Day 23

Sunny Saturday, March 6th 2010. It’s starting to look a lot like spring in Montreal and I’m super excited. I’m not a big fan of winter and warm sun is so restorative for me. I saw a sweet commercial the other day by Tropicana. Here’s the link TROPICANA ARCTIC SUN. It really makes me think how much I need sunlight to feel happy and warm inside.  So, the sun is shining, our clients seem to be in better moods and so are M and I. The only problem I’m having this week is I feel I’m not losing any weight, I’ve somewhat platformed. However, I’m starting to get into that sick obsession of weighing myself more often than I should. Regardless, I’m staying positive and continuing the plan. Hoping I’ll surprise myself tomorrow morning and have lost a pound.

Today, I was a poster child for WW. Breakfast was a banana with a black coffee. 2 pts I was still kind of starving after breakfast but I suffered to have more points for Saturday night snacks.  I’m also timing my meals to be properly spaced out. Having equal amount of time between meals has prevented overeating. I feel fuller, longer. I usually eat breakfast around 10 am, lunch around 2 pm, snack at 4 pm, dinner around 7 pm and nighttime snacking until I go to bed(my biggest problem).

I started to feel faint from starvation around 12:30 pm.  M ordered a pulled pork sandwich from Cafe Natural. I hate him but I fought the urge to cheat. It was really hard today but I managed to stick with the plan. Around 1pm I had half an english cucumber sprinkled with sea salt. Happily, it satisfied my hunger and kind of bloated me in a good way. Around 2:15 pm, I had a can of Insalatissime Mexican Tuna Salad by Rio Mare which is tasty, filling and only 4 points.  4.5 pts

Was feeling ok all afternoon and didn’t start thinking about food until about 5 pm.  For dinner, I made the WW recipe of baked pasta with butternut squash and ricotta. It was really good and it didn’t feel “light” at all but it was. I also roasted some  asparagus and pan-roasted an organic cornmeal crusted chicken breast in beer.  I loved the pasta recipe because I got to include winter squash which is another one of those SUPER FOODS I love so much. Squash is loaded with Vitamins A, C, Potassium, Fiber and more. This recipe was an original and easy way of preparing it.  9 pts

After dinner, I got the  urge for baking so I made chocolate-fudge cookie bites. Another decent WW recipe. Each bite is 1 pt so I had 3 and it added up to 2.5 pts so I had another and another. 4 pts

The dangerously addictive cookies we’re baked quickly so I decided to try my luck at baking bread. I’ve had a container of stoneground wheat flour for a while and never did anything with it. I quickly found a recipe for stoneground whole wheat bread. I kneaded the hell out of the dough and my little bundle of flour is silently rising. Stay tuned for the bread baking and tasting, tomorrow.


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