Day 13 to 22

Friday, March 5th 2010.  I’m back from a writing hiatus. I switched off to life for a few days and was not in the mood of doing much.  My meals were not ideally healthy but I managed to stay within my points. The worst moments have probably been the three Aero chocolate eggs. The day I realised that the usual serving of sushi at Geisha Traiteur Sushi located at 150 Saint-Zotique East, my favorite sushi restaurant in Mtl, is usually 12 pieces but I would have to cut that in half to fit within my WW points. So I ate sushi all day and never felt full. 28 pts

The extreme overeating happened on Sunday. We went to dinner at my cousin’s and they cooked up a full Italian dinner. A huge bowl of homemade fettuccine with meat sauce which is one of my favorite comfort dishes. “Pasta fatta in casa”, homemade pasta made well is a dish that reminds me of my grandmother’s sister. She was the cook in the family and taught my mother her skills. She would always have a fresh tray of super thin, fresh hand sliced fettuccine. I loved how they would dryout during the day and I would steal a few strands of pasta in it’s raw form.  Fidalma was her name and she taught me how to make gnocchetti. Instead of playing outside with my friends, I was learning how to twirl my finger in the soft little dough balls to make gnocchettis which are gnocchis without potatoes. I actually prefer them since they are lighter on the stomach and the carbs. Note to self, start making more fresh pasta.

For the main course, we we’re served chicken cacciatore with a side of frisée salad and a slice of filet of sole with avocado papaya chutney. Desert was a sugar feast composed of my mother’s crostata with sour cherry marmalade, two dark chocolate truffles, one Fudgeo cookie and two crispy choco stick cookies. As a rare treat, I also allowed myself two glasses of red wine which I rarely drink because I’ve found it activates my anxiety. There are two sides to the health benefits that red wine can offer. Some say it’s rich in antioxidants and can help reduce heart disease and others say it causes cancer.  From a general perspective, I doubt drinking in moderation can really harm you and it might just help, so why not!  Dinner was absolutely delicious however I couldn’t help but feel guilty all night about the 38 pts I inhaled.

But, I’ve officially lost,  5 lbs. I’m quite happy about it and not only do I feel it but I’m starting to see it.  My boyfriend has started to notice the change which is quite unusual coming from him. He’s not the type to encourage me by lying to me about my weight. He’s very comfortable alerting me about my exponentially growing ass. So, I’m encouraged and getting used to eating alot less. I’ve realised how much I used to eat and have been able to pinpoint the moments I would overeat. My biggest problem is snacking in the afternoon and at night. I also eat way too much cheese. Fromage, has been the hardest thing to give up on this food adventure. I love cheese, all cheeses, thanks to my father. As a young child, I would snack on chunks of parmigiano reggiano with slices of pear.

I was stuffing my face with Auricchio provolone cheese while my Canadian compadres were eating plastified string cheese sticks. It was like their food resembled a toy and my food smelled funky and looked like real food. However,  I greatly appreciate the culinary knowledge instilled in me since birth.  My parent’s had it right with the quality of food they provided us. The problem was the quantity. Another big problem was, growing up, I had a sedentary life.  Falling in love with television at an early age, I never enrolled in any group activities. I had a love/hate relationship with being a loner.

I think this answered the question I’m always asking myself, “Why can’t I stick to exercise?” and “Why do I eat so much?” The reason I eat is because I love food. I am really obsessed with it. Food Network is my favorite channel, I’d collect cookbooks and my favorite TV show as a child was “Wok with Yan”. Eating good food makes me happy. Cooking is almost as fun as eating.  I’ve concluded that in my case, food = happiness = comfort = food addiction. Also, I don’t exercise because I have never exercised in my life. I avoided the task, every chance I got.  I relate this chronic lazyness to the fact that I love being in my comfort zone and I haven’t found an activity I love.  So I need to learn to step out of my comfort zone and tryout various activities.

Last night, I went to dinner at Mozza with B. It’s at the Centropolis in Laval and there was a little ice rink with skaters. Very cute but super windy. Anyhow, I enjoyed the food. For starters, we had sausage and mozzarella dip with crostini, parmesan sea salt crusted fries and half a bread roll with a teeny bit of whipped butter. I’m so happy that we weren’t fans of the sausage dip, we didn’t finish it. A calculated move to eat more fries.  I also feasted on an ultra tasty Prosciutto, Arugula and Mozzarella di bufala pizza.  I’d definitely come back to try their other dishes. 36 pts OUCH, made it just in my points, good thing I exercised this week.

Yesterday is behind me and I’ve gained control quickly after this minor relapse. Today I was the poster child for fiber.  Breakfast was the usual whole wheat toast with a slice of partly skimmed mozzarella cheese and a rich dark coffee from Kafe Sablo. 3.5 pts

I worked the evening shift so I had lunch while watching a bastard wife beater on The Steve Wilkos Show. I tend to get sucked in by trash television. I prepared a SUPER FOOD red bean salad with green onions and celery. For more protein, I added two slices of turkey and a tiny portion of leftover mashed potatoes. Healthy, filling lunch but should have had more veggies. 3 pts

My wonderful mother cooked me dinner. Delicious oven roasted chicken with a side of steamed artichokes, green beans and roasted eggplant. I also had a small portion of risotto with porcini mushrooms. Balanced and nutritious. I could have not eaten the small piece of skin on the chicken but I can’t take away ALL the pleasure derived from food.  Moderation is always the keyword. 10 pts

Tomorrow is my last day of the WW week and no more cheat points left. However, I’m sure I’ll be able to deal with that. I am going to try a new WW recipe for dinner tomorrow night. Pasta with butternut squash and ricotta. I’m excited and don’t need to overeat just because it’s the weekend.


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