Day 12

Tuesday. February 23rd 2010. Feeling a little better today.  Got organised the night before and prepared lunch for M and I. Woke up relatively on time and poached an egg with half a Toasters bread. 4 pts

Lunch was healthy and balanced.  I still had leftover cauliflower salad from mom’s dinner and some sweet potato chips from the night before which have become sweet potato mush. To add some protein, I had two slices of deli turkey and one slice of whole wheat bread. About an hour and a half later, I snacked on ricotta cheese and three pieces of walnuts.  Felt satisfied but I’m realizing that my compulsive eating problem comes from food cravings and not real hunger. My meals are generally satisfying my appetite but I seem to be craving the comfort of food.   My problem is completely psychological. 5.5 pts

Dinner. I drove M to his karate class and swung by Rachelle-Béry. I went in with the intention of replenishing my supply of Casabi crackers and came out with $40 worth of goodies. I was actually dreading cooking dinner. My mood has made me go on a cooking and dishwashing strike. I hate washing dishes. Anyways, I solved the dinner crisis when I found three fresh thick sirloin Organic pork steaks for $5.68. Perfect! I cooked them in cornmeal and cumin and they tasted great. M bitched and whined a little about the smell of the toasted cumin seeds but shut his mouth when he ate the pork. It was my first Organic pork and I did notice the difference. I’m not always a fan of pork because of that strong porky taste if you don’t season it enough or cook it properly. This tenderloin was like butter and I even overcooked it by a few degrees. Totally worth the small price difference. I also bought a prepared Organic couscous salad which was quite tasty and not too acidic like the Fontaine Santé salads. 11 pts

Lost was on tonight. It is getting so good. Because of my excitement I needed to calm down with 2 cookies. 2.5 pts


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