Day 11

Monday, February 22nd 2010. Depression, irritability, uncontrollable crying, anxiety and this feeling of being a bottomless porky pit. Today, I can’t function so I’ll make it short.

Breakfast: Poached egg and half a toasters whole wheat bread. Nutritious and filling. 4 pts

Lunch: Pita wrap with turkey, goat cheese, baby spinach with mayo and horseradish. Bad move mixing horseradish and goat cheese. Why did I add the mayo. I never eat mayo, 1.5 pts wasted. 6.5 pts

Dinner: Veal scallopine with mushrooms and red wine. Totally screwed up the recipe. I hate cooking with no oil.  A cup of roasted brussel sprouts and yam chips. 6 pts

Snacks: A whole bunch of crap that added up too quickly. 8.5 pts

Finally, the day is over!


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