Day 10

Sunday was just a horrible, horrible day that should be forgotten but I must write about it. First day of the WW week. Breakfast was decent, same as usual, Kamut tortilla and ricotta cheese with black coffee. Came home early and I was quite hungry so I had a can of water drained tuna with baby spinach and a drizzle of olive oil, white wine vinegar seasoned with salt and pepper. A little side note about seasoning. I’ve come to learn that a human’s maximum sodium intake should be 2300 mg and the minimum ideal is 1500 mg. Did you know that the human body absolutely needs sodium to work properly.  Humans have a sensor on the tongue that detects salty foods to insure sodium intake. Combine this with our gluttonous nature and you get a diet of salty, fatty foods consumed by the general public.

Every quick, packaged, processed and fast food product is packed with sodium and we love it. We are predisposed to finding and loving salt but again it’s up to us to control it. The main problem to sodium over-consumption is high blood pressure which causes a number of health complications and even death. New goal, keep a salt diary and find out just how much sodium we’ve consumed to correct the problem.

Back to my daily points consumption story. I went to my mom’s for dinner and truthfully, she didn’t cook anything high in fat because she knew I was eating less. PS In honor of my friend, Marina, I am not using the word “DIET” any longer because of the word “DIE” in it.  It’s a real eye-opening statement. So back to the dinner nightmare. I had 1 cup of spaghetti drenched in one of my mother’s signature savory oily sauces. Next, breadcrumbs and apricot stuffed smelt fishies which I totally loved but kept it to 4 pieces.  Filet of sole rolls stuffed with steamed spinach au gratin with a side of steamed bok choy and cauliflower salad. Wasn’t so bad until I added the big slice of country bread which I couldn’t help scooping in the cauliflower salad oily, tasty vinaigrette.

Desert was the breaking point. A healthy serving of my mom’s family recipe of the roman classic, La Crostata which is a butter tart filled with Amarena marmalade (sour cherry) which I brought back as a souvenir from Dean and Deluca’s in NY. Notice in our family, even souvenirs are food. 19 pts OMG

A normal person would probably have felt really guilty and stopped there. Not me, I decided to have a snack and eat a tostada along with 2 cantuccini Italian cookies. AND…and..and an Aero chocolate egg. 5.5 pts

Wasted 10.5 weekly allowance points in one night. Not acceptable.


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