Day 8

Friday, February 19 2010. Had a restless, dreamy night and woke up a little off.  Quickly rolled a Kamut wheat tortilla and 1 tbsp of Ricotta. Starting to find this type of breakfast filling and I’m still eating cheese.  I skipped the juice this morning and I felt it. I’ve also decided to buy a coffee machine because I’ve been drinking a tar like substance from the neighbourhood store. No matter how healthy I’ll want to be, I think the coffee is burning holes in my intestines.  Weekly goal, buy a coffee machine with good organic coffee.  Good Organic coffee is very important because it can be a great addition to your optimum health. 4 pts

Laziness got the best of me and  I didn’t pack a lunch. We decided to order from Cafe Natural, great little café near the market with homemade baked empanadas for two-fifty a pop. He serves them with a super tasty salsa to dip them in. I had one chicken and one spinach empanadas. Ruben, the owner, also serves fresh, perfectly seasoned salads. I took the usual arugula salad with parmesan shavings in a sweet vinaigrette with one big garlic crouton.  I thoroughly enjoyed today’s lunch and I appreciated every fatty bite. 15 pts BAM

Calculated the points, had a slight panic attack and regrouped. I can do this, I can continue my day within my points. I stayed active all day at work and went home around 7:30pm without snacking. Relieved to see we had leftover squash and chicken. I warmed up the spaghetti squash and seasoned it with salt, pepper and olive oil. Then I pulled out a store-bought tostada, added the chicken, salsa and one tsp of sour cream. It almost tasted like a Tostada de Pollo. I was still pretty satisfied with the meal. 5 pts

Snack time. The fucking cookie, 8 pieces of Doritos (the bag is finally finished) and 3/4 oz of Mimolette cheese. 5.5 pts

At least I managed to regain control at the end of the day. I cheated but still within my weekly allowance points. All is good, going to bed guilt free.


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