Day 6

Wednesday. Feb 18 2010. Woke up with a slight tension headache and late again. Lateness is an integral part of my life. It’s another barrier I need to break. Since my first days of school to my first days on the job, you could count on me on being late. Honestly, I don’t I would function properly if I were on time. Being late adds pressure to a situation and that’s when I perform my best. Now that I’ve convinced myself of accepting the fact that I constantly disrespect the concept of time. I can go back to my quickie morning story. I rolled a small pita with a heaping spoonful of Ricotta cheese and the usual small coffee and sugar. 2.5 pts

Had a meeting with Oom Ethikwear at 1 pm. M saved my life and brought me some cold leftover penne & rapini. I shoveled a reasonable amount in before heading out, late again.  I did remember to bring my water bottle along and I’m glad I did. I find I’ve been thirstier lately. Remember to check sodium intake.

Driving back from the meeting, I found myself in front of the Rachelle-Béry at 2346, rue Beaubien Est. I decided to finally visit this interesting, talked about, healthy grocery store.  Entering, the aroma of a roasting chicken hit me and I was instantly starving. The second thing I noticed was the variety of organic fruits and vegetables as well as nuts, spices, snacks and drinks. The products are neatly displayed and enticing to look at. I must agree that many of the items were a little overpriced and overly sustainable for my budget. However, I believe if you spend enough time browsing, you can score some great finds. I bought some surprisingly tasty and filling Casabi Organics crackers.  5 crackers equal to 1 pt. Happy to have discovered a truly satisfying snack alternative.  I also bought some kamut tortillas, morning wheat bread and 2 apple cider drinks for M. He loves that stuff. Paid less than $20. All in all, a satisfying experience. Ate 2 crackers in the car. 0.5 pts

Finally back at Motivo and M already warmed up our lunches. He’s so cute. I had my left over portion of penne & rapini and lots of water. 7 pts

I feel like I’m improving  daily even though I screw up once and a while. I feel like I can almost control the thoughts of ravaging that dormant leftover bag of Doritos in the cupboard. Dreaming of nachos and heavenly hash ice cream cones are starting to be a thing of the past or a suppressed memory. Awareness and the right food choices are the basis of this journey.  The confidence that I can make this stick for life is getting stronger as long as I keep being creative with food, introducing new flavors and ingredients. Tracking my food is also proving to be a great tool to control the over eating.

Tonight, dinner was particularly exciting because I got to cook the organic salmon I purchased at Shamrock on Sunday. I used a lemon-herb roasted salmon WW recipe and it worked out great. I simply added a few basil leaves on the top. I loved how they got really crispy and blended perfectly with the light salmon flavours. The taste of the salmon itself was particularly good, very flaky and buttery. I did however find out that organic fish claims are not 100% accurate due to missing laws in the organic fish industry. However the case, it was a quality piece of fish that I thoroughly enjoyed. I accompanied it by roasted salted asparagus. I throw the asparagus in  a really hot pan on high and stir them until lightly burned and crisp. They taste like barbequed asparagus. YUM.  7 pts

Starting to feel pretty good at this point. I’m starting to notice an increase in energy and overall mood. Once I get this down packed, I need to increase the excercise factor but one step at a time.

Snack time, no doubt comes around 10pm. Still have a bunch of points left so I layout a nice spread of goodies. 5 Casabi organics garlic crackers, 2 tbsp of Ricotta cheese and 7 almonds.  Good choices. For the second wave of sweet munchies, 1 WW chocolate chip cookie and 1 Torroncino. 6.5 pts

Feeling great, ready for bed. Exactly 23 pts today. I’m going to bed before I start eating again. Bye


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