Day 4

Monday morning, 9am. Up early and ready to go. Prepare our favorite morning booster. 6 organic carrots, 1 apple, 1 pear and a chunk of ginger, juice to perfection and serve for 2 glasses. The ONLY reason I hate juicing is you have to wash the machine immediately after you juice otherwise all the veggie crust stays and it’s impossible to clean. Did I mention how much I hate washing dishes? 1.5 pts

But I have to admit, the benefits of juicing daily outweigh my disdain for the task.  Juicing is the quickest way the body can absorb nutrients from fruits and vegetables. This doesn’t count for any juice consumed after 20 minutes of squeezing it. Ruling out preserved juices. The idea here is that you buy a juicer and juice your way to a beautiful healthy glow. Clean cells,  detoxed liver and a strong metabolism. Give your body the boost of nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and minerals it needs with a fast and effective delivery time.

I’m really proud of myself today, because I did a 30 minute move and grove aerobics dance session. I usually do the Billy Blanks Bootcamp DVD but I’m trying to diversify so I don’t get bored quickly. Earned 1 activity point.

Rolled myself an easy pita wrap with my leftover fajita chicken with peppers. I managed to add 1/2 an oz of yellow cheddar cheese to get that cheesy goodness. 5.5 pts

So far so good right.  Not so much. M’s super cute pregnant friend F and her boyfriend M pop in at Motivo in the late afternoon. We hit it off great, had a few beers, played some RockBand. Not me, I don’t drink alcohol and a 0 alcoholic Beck’s for F. Excited about the new friendship, we decided to celebrate and obviously eat. Happily arriving at the taco joint, we’re immediately disappointed when we see the lights are depressingly off. The next obvious option for a late night dinner in Montreal with out-of-towners would be smoked meat. So I headed for The Main on St-Laurent right in front of Schwartz. As expected, the smoked meat sandwich was delicious and enjoyed by our friendly guests. I warmed up my tummy with the soup of the day the accompanied the classic sandwich with some coleslaw and a pickle. Fantastic and after calculating the points, not so bad considering I started the day right. 15 pts

When snack-time came around which is usually about 11 pm. I didn’t skimp just because I recently splurged on a smoked meat sandwich at 9 in the evening. I had 1/2 cup of cherry tomatoes with salt. 10 almonds and another damn WW chocolate chip cookie. 2.5 pts

24.5 pts today. Not bad, I feel improvement is around the corner.


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