Day 3

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today was not a great day in this food restriction act. The plan was, tacos al pastor for breakfast with M and a light dinner. No cheating. NOT! End up at Deli Joe’s for breakfast. Trying to self-restrain, I order 2 poached eggs, a small cup of salty, savoury cretons (a porky delight from our Quebec cuisine) and a cup of baked beans (fèves au lard another Quebec favorite and mine). The fat encounter happened at the 2 slices of whole wheat toast (Fiber Check) smothered in sweet, salty butter. 4 fat pts  Finally, the plate has so many delectable crispy golden home fries which took the will power I’m still kinda looking for, to stop myself from licking the greasy plate full of fries. I had 4 pieces and proud of it. 16 pts including the toast

After breakfast, M, L, C and I went to Jean-Talon Market to buy some Fresh, Organic, Affordable Food. The intention was great going into the market until I noticed the hoards of excited people invading the middle aisle. I felt a little rushed and didn’t want to slow our group down. I purchased quickly and effectively. Or so I thought. When I came home, I noticed that most of the fruits and vegetables I rapidly purchased, were from the US or Mexico. Even some of the Organic produce. Just realized I still have tons of research to do. I need to pinpoint which foods are better Organic. Find the local farms and ask about their farming processes.

However, I’m sure of this, we need to eat Organic meat as much as possible. It’s essential for our general health. The world needs to revert to when things were simple with food.  There was a time when only the rich could afford steak for dinner. Today, it’s cheaper than chicken but not in the organic world.

Here’s the breakdown. An Organic chicken purchased at my favorite butcher shop, Boucherie du Marché $14 vs a grain fed, hormone intensive chicken purchased at the local IGA $12. Do I really need to point out the obviously minute difference. I don’t think much of us would notice the missing pocket change. Another option would be the no-name, fatty, yellowish chicken that’s also sold at IGA for about $5. Look at it this way, would you prefer to buy Made in China fake Adidas shoes for $5 that’ll last about 2 months or the real thing at the Adidas outlet store for $50 that’ll last 2 years. So why wouldn’t you pay brand name prices for food that will keep you healthier and give you a  longer life span.

Organic chicken has:
– High beneficial fats that lower cholesterol
– Higher amount of Omega-3 Fatty Acids Vitamin A
– Eggs taste much better than those from commercially raised chickens which receive regular doses of antibiotics, vaccines and other medications

Ok, enough with the organic food lecture. But if someone wants to follow, let me know so we can compare notes!

I invited my brother and C for dinner. I made prosciutto, mushroom and ricotta stuffed pasta shells with a light tomato sauce. The pasta was a 3colored sombrero shaped shell purchased at the original gourmet boutique, Fouvrac at 1400  Fleury E. The pasta hats were good but overly filling. I came close to a carb panic attack. Did you know that happened? To balance the dish we had a side spinach salad and hearts of palm simply seasoned with a drizzle of rich extra virgin olive oil.  Oh, I forgot I sneaked in a piece of delicious aged french Mimolette cheese purchased at my favorite cheese pusher, Qui Lait Cru? 13.5 pts ouch again!

As if that wasn’t enough cheating. I just HAD to try the WW Smart Ones Chocolate Chip Cookies that my brother bought me at Costco. The guilt freeing side of it is one cookie equals to one point. Ok and add a twisted peppered Tarallo which to this day I think is still my favorite snack. 4 pts

All in all, Sunday food day ends up being a massive failure. Tomorrow’s another day, stay focused, think positive.. **encouraging chanting


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