Day 2

Today is Saturday which means total cheat day on the Weight Watchers online schedule. Well, mine does.  I have my usual 23 points for the day  with an extra 15.5 weekly cheat points, I’ve managed to accumulate during the week.  I’m not satisfied with the amount of cheat points leftover this week. Weight Watchers‘ most ingenious idea has been the points system.  It’s convinced us that we are cheating on our diet. It  excuses that ever-present need to load up on salty,  sugary comfort foods while obsessively watching Lost or American Idol.

Next week’s goal, is to save up extra cheat points to fully appreciate the cheat.  However, all in all, I’ve made it through my first week of WW and I’m feeling pretty good. Eliminating fluids thanks to the gallons of water I’m drinking.  And I believe I’ve lost weight. (note to self: buy a scale)

It’s 11:30pm and we’re sitting on the couch in our assumed positions. M’s on his side,rapidly thumbing his X-Box controller and playing his graphically awesome game, Bayonetta. In the meantime, I’ve inhaled exactly 50 cheesy finger licking good Doritos chips with lime juice followed by 2 moist and frosty mini cupcakes from Petits Gâteaux. A Valentine’s Day present from my brother. 🙂 20 pts Oooff, good thing I moved around a lot this week.

For dinner, we enjoyed a special pre-Valentine’s Day Thai dinner, delivered from our favorite restaurant, Restaurant Thailande. On the menu tonight, chicken panaeng curry with coconut milk, fresh peppercorns and lime leaves. Accompanied by a single white bowl of sweet sticky rice. My favorite part of the experience is to roll the sticky white grain in a ball and triple dip it in the perfectly spiced, coconut milk sauce. 14 pts, I think? but it was very difficult to calculate because this dish was not available on the WW pts list. No matter, it was worth every point.

I managed to pull off a pretty good cheat thanks to reducing my breakfast to one whole wheat organic stone ground tortilla and 1 tblsp of whole milk ricotta cheese. Which was super delish and filling thanks to the fiber in the tortilla. 1.5 pts

I kept it simple and healthy for lunch with 1 full cup of home-made lentil soup and 1 cup of spaghetti squash mixed in with some tasty tomato sauce. I wasn’t so psyched at first but the combination was fantastic and super filling.
The lentil is a fiber all-star and has loads of cardiovascular benefits. Simply put, it keeps the heart pumping, strong and long. My favorite quality of the lentil is the amazing energy boost it gives you. I’ll have energy all day with a bowl of lentils for lunch. It’s quick and simple to prepare. Just brown some garlic and onions. Add some diced canned tomatoes then add the lentils and water. Season to taste. Don’t forget the chile, essential to a warm savory dish like this one. Voilà! Iron Lentil Soup! (more recipes to be posted) 3 pts

To torment my life more,  in the next 100 days, I will reduce my carbon footprint and our processed and restaurant food intake to 10%-15% of our diet. At this point, I would say we are at a 50% processed-resto to 50% home-made ratio. Fresh, Organic and Affordable foods is the new motto. The idea is to give us better nutrients and not break the bank. I’m not turning hippy/granola, I just want to make a difference in my personal life and hopefully in the long run.  Making this change will inevitably require longer hours in the kitchen, tons of dishwashing which I detest more than soggy sandwiches. And of course, the all important, hidden little beast in all of us who’s hard to find and impossible to keep,  WILL POWER. However, I am confident, that I will have the winning combination once I get the right formula of food choices vs time vs budget vs hunger.

An event that pushed us further in converting to organic and natural living was watching the movie Food Inc. Absolutely fantastic movie which just reminded us of the evils surrounding our consumption. It gave me the final push in the right direction. Unfortunately, there are some realities we must come to terms with when it comes to the food industry. Some things we just cannot change but we have to remember that we still have choices. We need to make better ones to keep having them.

hasta mañana amigos



  1. OHMYGOD VERONICA!!!! I love your blog! It is what I have been doing since last september and I can totally relate to your lifestyle changes!
    You need to come to the meetings! Danielle Poirier is the best motivators I ever met! It’s held downtown peel and ste-catherine. The weigh in really helps to keep the motivation. I am 7lbs away from my goal. Total lost 20.4 lbs

    It is so possible 100 days 30 lbs.!!

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