Day 1

Hello, I’m Veronica and I’m a food addict, foodaholic, food lover, foodie, whatever you want to call it, I love to eat.  My cousin in law is getting married in Mexico City in May and so I need to lose 30 lbs in 100 days. To motivate myself, I’ve decided to let all of you, into my journey of weight loss and lifestyle changes. Being the introvert that I’ve loved to be all my life, this blog will prove to be another challenge I will have to overcome. There are more goals I want to accomplish in this new adventure but let’s start with the best part: FOOD.

First generation Canadian, born and raised in Montreal, from Italian parents. My mother is an amazing cook and my father had a particular passion for  cheese and food in general. Whether we were eating it, talking about it or thinking of it, food was and still is the main thing that brings us together. Growing up, there was little tolerance to processed foods causing pain and distress on our part. Torture equaled going to school with a snack of fresh mandarins and a few tarallis (italian breadsticks) or almonds while your blonde Canadian classmate is sucking on a rainbow colored Fruit Rollup.
The injustice.

Breakfast, which I skipped most of the time, was quick and uneventful. But I’ll never forget those occasional weekend breakfasts my mom would stir up. Stacks of pancakes with margarine and real maple syrop. The ultimate finishing touch was the, limit 2 per head, slices of crispy bacon.  Generally however, as I said, breakfast was dull and I understood why after a few trips to Rome. Breakfast is NOT the most essential part of an Italian’s diet. However, there is something to be said about a creamy, frothy cappuccino accompanied by a golden, crisp cornetto lighty powdered with sugar. Little side note, did you know about the most deliciously authentic cornetto dealer in town La Cornetteria located at 6528 St. Laurent, Montreal, Qc T 514 277 8030

School lunches were composed of 2 slices of white bread with mortadella, provolone cheese and lettuce. Sometimes, my mom would slice tomatoes making the sandwhich really soggy thus enabling my disgust towards mushy, wet food. The school lunch issue, I believe, stemmed from my mother’s lack of energy after having worked all day, cooked a 3-course dinner and cleaned the house. The woman was exhausted, understandably and so, lunch sucked for a few years until I figured out I could do it on my own. However, we could always count on weekends to give lunch back his respect. At 1pm, we’d all be sitting around the table devouring a feast of fresh pasta with tomato and meat sauce. Followed by meatballs, involtinos (little veal rolls cooked in tomato sauce stuffed with herbs) and italian sausages all cooked in the savory bright red tomato sauce.  To balance the meal, a nice frisée salad, mashed potatoes and roasted peppers with garlic and fresh basil. And who can forget to do “la scarpetta” at the end of the meal to scoop up all that yummy delicious leftover sauce with freshly baked bread.

Dinner was never a disappointment, being the master chef my mother enjoyed being, we we’re served healthy servings of different types of pastas with infinite sauce creations and flavors. Followed by tender chicken or an amazingly moist polpettone (meatloaf), which you’ve never tasted before I guarantee it. Maybe one day, I’ll share that recipe but not yet. I certainly can’t forget the variety of fresh market vegetables roasted, steamed or baked and seasoned to perfection with olive oil, salt, pepper and fresh herbs. A combination that always hit the spot. Of course, the inevitable assortments of Italian and Quebecois cheeses and breads. Olives, antipastos and coldcuts. The selection was always abundant.

So, it’s getting late and I noticed that I’ve been rambling on about food again. But after all that’s been said, is there any wonder why I love it so much? I’m off to bed. Tomorrow is another 23 point day and I got 15.5 cheat points left. Going to bed happy.


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